As kids, we always wanted to stay atop in class whether it be academics or extra-curricular. We were always in competition (a healthy one) with our classmates to snatch the number 1 spot from each other. I do not know about anyone of you, but I certainly was. And guess who is imitating this human behavior these days? The websites! Yes, let it sink in as I say W.E.B.S.I.T.E.S. (doesn’t this remind you of a famous sitcom though?

Anyway, coming back to the point, websites (their creators) fight to make it to the top position on the search engine’s page. Because the viewers will only bother to click the first 4-5 links of the related searches. If they fail to find what they are looking for in the first couple of links (which is a rarity), only then will they consider moving the cursor to the sixth or seventh link.

This makes the competition amongst competitors fiercer as every brand or company wishes to increase the customer base and the viewership of their website. Whether at home or going out shopping, information is just a click away for any person. Before the advent of smartphones and the availability of the internet services like Frontier FiOS, the dynamics were a bit different. Now the businesses cannot afford to take their online presence any less serious.

Therefore, the following are some of the best SEO practices that will help your business:


  1. On-Page SEO should be your main focus:

On-Page SEO refers to the manipulations that you make to a website directly to up its ranks by a few spots. The key is here is to come up with compelling meta descriptions and meta titles. You should spend time in coming up with descriptions and titles that entice your target viewers. Avoid keyword stuffing though. The second important point would be to create headers that help in giving context to the content. Apart from this, create internal links that enable the users to navigate to other relevant websites and pages with ease. And do not forget to fix all the 404 errors as they are the major cause of early exits and bounces on a website.


  1. Make your website mobile friendly:

If the format of your website does not support its use on mobile, Google will not really like it. Your website has to be mobile friendly. With the introduction of Google’s ‘Mobile-First Indexing’, the game has totally changed. Google will now rank the mobile friendly websites higher than the desktop-friendly ones. If your website is formatted in such a way that it is desktop friendly and not mobile friendly, Google crawlers will overlook it. Therefore, make sure that your site is responsive and designed for mobile. Reduce the size of the images on your website as well and optimize them to load faster. If you incorporate any of these in your website, chances are that Google will take your website’s ranking up by a notch.


  1. Digital assistants:

Digital assistance includes voice search. Enabling voice search for your website will be a real game changer, as 20 percent of queries on mobile devices are believed to be voice searches. However, it is important to remember that digital assistants come in different shapes and sizes as well. From Alexa to Google Assistant there is a variety of them out there and each assistant supports different features. Typically, the mobile voice searches are in the form of a question. However, you can optimize your website’s content for these digital assistants. Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in this regard as it learns about the users’ intent and displays the most relevant results.


  1. Content is the king:

Even if your website is optimized for the mobile phone, you have the cleanest and a secure on-page SEO, it will not matter as long as the content on your website does not entice the viewers. The users are looking for information when they search for a particular topic. If your website does not provide sufficient and relevant information to the user, you will fail to attract enough viewers. The content of your website should be more than just the company name and contact information. It should create value for the audiences. If your website lacks quality content, do not be surprised if you lose an enormous amount of traffic.

Hence, proven that employing or outsourcing capable digital marketers is not enough for your business to make a notable online presence. SEO specialists play just as integral a part. And in this age when the lives of people are moving at a fast pace, they make use of gadgets like smartphones and facilities like Frontier online dealsto have access to the internet and stay connected to the world around.

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