Got a website but rankings are not improving? Are you sure you have optimised your website correctly? If not, please read the article and apply the same on your website and you should see some improvement pretty soon.


Now that SEO has no secrets for you, here are 10 SEO tips selected for you from Google’s 200 recommendations to optimize your website.


The title of your pages with the tag


It may sound simple and obvious, but make sure your pages all have a title with a title tag <title>. This tag must be completed and must be a description of the actual page and not the site as a whole. The title must have the main keyword of the page, be unique and must not exceed 60 to 65 characters.


The meta description of your web pages


The description should not only describe a web page, but it should also “sell” it. The description of your page is displayed in the search results, so it should encourage the user to click on your link rather than another.


The hierarchy of your content using the semantic tags H1, H2, …


When we talk about the titles defined by the h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tags, the W3c (World Wide Web Consortium) tells us: This means that a title (hn) will describe by explicitly summarizing the paragraph it presents.


Authorship and publisher authentication


Google is a leading search engine, but Google+ is not yet used by the bloggers and website owners properly. Google+ is the social network from Google and the one to favor by your company to optimize your SEO.


Micro-data, an added value “SEO.”


There are several different formats for metadata such as microformats and RDFs. With microdata, you can define an organization, a person, a product and more. Items such as dates, reviews and job titles can be highlighted in the search results; it’s both an added value for SEO and an opportunity from a marketing perspective. In getting the best SEO ranking these 10 things, you need to know.


Internal links between your website and pages


Internal links connecting your pages to each other are often just as important as external links. If you have links to your own pages, they will get some of this “link juice.” The mesh or linking between your web pages must be relevant both for the transmission of PageRank and for visitors.


The sitemap


Use of the Sitemap protocol cannot guarantee that your web pages will be integrated to the search engine index, but this greatly facilitates and improves the work of the crawlers (indexing robot).


Duplicate data and canonical link


Duplicate content or duplicate content is one of the worst things for your site from an SEO perspective. Each page must have only one domain score and one URL.


Webmaster Tools: Bing Webmaster & Google Webmaster Tools (GSC)


Google, Bing and other engines provide webmasters with an interface with tools to consult a multitude of information on a website. You can find for example the search terms used to arrive on your website, the number of pages retained in the index of Google or potential problems with the indexing of your site.


Rich, relevant and unique text content


Adhere to the 9 SEO tips listed above is important to heal your SEO but this is not enough. One cannot ignore the fact that the most important thing on your web page remains the content. Text content should not be limited to an enumeration of keywords.


If you think you do not have the time to do it yourself, you can hire a SEO company to take care of your company’s web presence. Or, if you want to do it manually, it is good that you invest in learning SEO. You may go through the various free SEO resources available online or join a SEO academy.


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