Configuration Objective:

Performs several complex tasks related to corporate / office-related workspaces, which require a good knowledge of comprehensive and specialized services. Experts now use this knowledge to work on self-assessment and to respond to clinical and quantitative responses. A counselor and manager are with your caregiver for complex issues or those who need what is an office specialist, such as legal transfers. Coordinate the work of other people with the service.

Distinguishing features:

This is the third in a series of four classifications. The difference with Office Assistant Senior is that historical service providers tend to specialize in a unit of work function and have a broader understanding/ability of how the group works to provide greater independence in responsibility. The Office Specialist Senior is illustrious by the fact that historical actors perform advanced administrative / support tasks and provide official leadership within their initiative.

Examples of Duties:

• Coordinate the activities of subordinates.

 • Retain records that require classification and compilation of various information.

 • Prepare special reports or studies that require analysis of complex or technical data; identify the source and extract the information needed; do particular calculations.

 • Project correspondence; answer questions or complaints and make adjustments within specified limits.



• Serves as the primary reference source for various functions to help departments and employees resolve differences or procedural problems by using knowledge of specific services; answering technical, administrative questions, ensuring that the necessary follow-up is completed.

 • Review reports and prints to identify and track the source of the error and make corrections as needed, verifying and reconciling technical or complex activities.

 • Recommend changes to policies or procedures that affect assigned functions.

 • Prepare and coordinate the preparation of particular cycles, special reports, or budgets for assigned functions.

 • Ensure that office workers are notified of new or amended procedures and other relevant information about assigned functions, updating the related policy/procedure manual.

 • Validate, review, and prepare notes, reports, forms, or various other documents related to the assigned function. Investigate complex issues and errors personally.

 • Plan and prioritize workloads to meet deadlines.

 • Helping employees carry out special projects according to the direction.

 Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

• Information on the policies, practices, procedures, and terminology of the assigned function.

 • You are getting to know the culture and craft people.

 • Ability to record and compile content for reports.


Minimum Ratings:

Three years of office/office experience covering a year in operation directly related to it; Or, any equivalent combination of experience and education from which comparable knowledge, skills, and abilities have remained achieved.

Requirements to Become a Business Office Specialist

While part-time jobs or positions with small firms may accept candidates with just a high school diploma or GED, employers seeking workers for full-time positions may prefer to hire candidates who have completed a formal education program, according to multiple online job listings. Relevant options include a certificate, associate’s degree, and bachelor’s degree programs in administrative assisting, business, accounting, finance or human resources.

Additionally, employers may favor applicants who have experience with computer programs, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint or are familiar with specific knowledge or procedures, such as payroll administration, accounts payable, and billing. Excellent understanding of English and word processing may also be required, as these professionals may remain quizzed to proofread and reproduce business documents.


Business office specialists may wish to increase their employment and advancement opportunities by earning industry certification, such as the Certified Administrative Professional designation granted by the International Association of Administrative Professionals ( Earning the certification requires completing a qualifying examination based on office systems, management skills, and office professionalism.

Career Information

The BLS reported that employment for all secretaries and administrative assistants stands predicted to decrease by 7% between 2018 and 2028. New job growth may depend on economic strength, and therefore, candidates may wish to look to the social assistance and health care industries, which will be least likely to be affected by economic fluctuations.

Salary Information for Business Office Specialists

According to the US Bureau of Labor. UU. (BLS), all secretaries and administrative assistants, including business office specialists, received a $ 36,630 salary in May 2018 ( The lowest 10% of secretaries and administrative assistants (except legal, medical, and executive) earned a median annual salary of $23,060 or less, and the highest 10% earned $56,010 or more as of May 2018.


Business office specialists help to ensure the efficiency of office functions. Some business office specialists obtain a certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree to secure full-time jobs, but a high school diploma may be sufficient for part-time positions. The median annual salary for all secretaries and administrative assistants, which includes business office specialists, was $36,630 in 2018.

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