Animation can be made easy if you get your hands on some important and useful tools. The internet is flooded with tons of suggestions that can make your animation task complete in a clap of your fingers. Though animation involves a lot of challenging aspects with the facility of some free online tool and professional software, production is getting simpler and creative.

If you are new to the world of motion graphics or haven’t been able to discover significant tools yet, then simply get down to the list of online animation makers that each one of the video animator company uses:


A fulfilled animated video making tool that lets users create professional animation efficiently. It offers drag and drops features that make the task fulfilled. Moreover, with PowToon you can learn the many tricks and procedures of adding finishing and class in your creation, as there is a huge section of tutorials organized in the tool. From adding eye-pleasing colors to experiment with different brushes and effects, you can make your motion graphics appealing and enchanting.


It is a do-it-yourself tool when it comes to creating videos. Often novice animators feel hindered and troubled of using it as it lacks guidance. For professionals who have a clear understanding of every aspect and area of the animation along with a proper knowledge about using the different brushes and effects, can make the most out of this tool. If you are using the animation maker- Animaker, you can be sure to create captivating animation and video graphics for your target audience, which can accelerate your brand recognition and give a boost to your overall online visibility.


It is one of the most famous and commonly used animation makers. It offers easy-to-use interface and sun to handle functionality. By simply using the drag and drop rule you can compete your video adding high definition graphics and smooth animation. Animatron with its wide range of features has made animation fulfilled and easy. It assists professionals as well as novice and beginners to create alluring animation and motion graphics videos. It offers the facility to share your video on multiple platforms including the option of social media integration with which you can promote your creation easily and efficiently.


Moovly is the tool used by leading business owners, marketers and even novice animators. You can not only create motion graphics but can also add animation in business presentations, promotional ads and many other forms of video marketing. You can give a boost to your overall marketing campaign by easily creating captivating animated videos and efficiently sharing them on multiple platforms. With the option of easy and fast downloads, users download compelling videos and share them on cross platforms. Moovly is a platform to boost your skills and to unleash your creative sides.


GoAnimate is yet another tool that can add up to your assets of video making department. It is a do-it-yourself tool that encourages companies to keep a small animation team. You can create successful animations and enchanting videos through the features available on the tool. With a minimal subscription charge, downloading videos and hosting is possible. It offers an affordable range of pricing packages that let businesses get their desired package according to their creative needs.


Renderforest gives you a vast area to practice motion graphics. It not only facilitates users to make compelling animated videos but it also encourages professionals to produce animated logos, presentations having animated elements and slideshows that get instantly viral on multiple platforms. You can give a boost to your branding campaign and get your company recognized to far across the region by creating interesting and eye-catching animated videos. The platform does not ask for any subscription charges. It is absolutely free to use. You can avail the wide range of features, icons, brushes and the appealing color palette.

Wrapping Up

Making an animated video can be a bit tricky because you have to first understand the buyer’s persona and create a purpose for your video. It’s imperative to have a certain aim or plan a goal to achieve through your video so that you can pick each feature based on your ultimate goal. Once you are ready with your goal to choose the perfect platform to start working.

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